My experience with the icon painting is that it teaches me everything I need to know about myself. Learning to go more gently into the world can easily translate into a lighter touch with my lines.  Doing the hard work of living can surely be felt in the moments when one wants to give up.  I have not given up on the icon and the icon has not given up on me.

—Michele Cale

My experience of the Institute this year was one of ascending spirituality and creativity, in color and form...also a broadening and deepening of my awareness of the goodness of other peoples in the class and all the ones I love. The presence of Christ was very near and formed the community in a powerful way. Thanks be to God.

—Joanne Clay

A truly wonderful experience, I enjoyed working with all the different people, I loved the small and intimate class, and the fact that we all came from such different backgrounds and yet we all worked so well together.

—Craig Wilcox

I have attended many icon painting workshops with various teachers and those of the Institute are at the top of my list.  More of the basic elements and skills of icon painting are brought together at the Institute workshops than in any other workshops I experienced.  I especially enjoyed and appreciated the emphasis on teaching the students to do the drawing of the icon.  Most other workshops have the students simply trace the sketch.  If someone wanted to learn the skills and spirit of icon painting, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Icon Institute.

—Sean Kramer

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